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Vision and Mission


The School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development (SAPPD) was established on the 29th of August 2001 as a consequence of a decree from the Rector of ITB (No.222/2005). In this decree, the bachelor study programs are clustered into a faculty/school based on similarities in its body of knowledge. Despite the relative newness of the school, the constituents that make up the school are not new, as it is drawn from the existing departments (i.e. Architecture and Urban and Regional Planning) and existing academic programs (i.e. Development Studies and Transportation). SAPPD was established due to the recognition by ITB of the necessity to manage the built environment in a multidimensional way involving a holistic, interdisciplinary perspective. SAPPD is developed with the consideration for the changing conditions of the built environment due to global climate change and the dynamic endogenous socio-economic changes found in Indonesian society. Furthermore, the analytical lens which is holistic and interdisciplinary but at the same time highly contextual (i.e. Indonesia – many of the elements within its body knowledge is derived from the context of Indonesia) is oriented towards a sustainable built environment through the use of scientific investigation, problem solving and analyses. This makes it unique for this school and gives the school an opportunity to become an excellent institution of higher education in the field of sustainable built environment which has a good standing internationally and/or nationally. Moreover, as an international research based institution, SAPPD has strong potential to enrich and develop its scientific body of knowledge due to its extensive partnerships with other international higher education institutions and engagements with the international academic community as well as furthering this knowledge through research in the different elements which make up or are prerequisites for a sustainable built environment and by harnessing the sui generis characteristics of the conditions in developing countries, specifically in Indonesia.

The above mentioned are translated into vision and mission for the School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development (SAPPD). The vision of SAPPD is as follows:

“To be a leading educational and research institution in Asia, with excellent international reputation in the fields of planning, design and policy development of sustainable built environment.”



With the mission of SAPPD as the following:

  1. To contribute significantly to the creation and dissemination of scientific knowledge in the fields of planning, design and policy development of sustainable built environment, and to implement it appropriately and with excellence for the benefit of public welfare and sustainable environment, as well as for the improved capacity of institutions and supporting human resources at all scales, from the local to the national, through synergism of education, research and public service activities.
  2. To develop educational programs in the fields of planning, design and policy development of sustainable built environment, which are able to nurture creative and critical thinking, as well as ethical and responsible attitudes to the graduates, who are expected to become professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders and agents of change in the society.

To foster academic endeavours and collaborative undertakings, with particular interest in the issues of: good governance; community based and participatory approach; local knowledge, culture and identity; harmonization of the global, the central and the local.