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Program Education Objectives

The program education objectives of the Undergraduate Program in Urban and Regional Planning (UPURP) are focused on producing graduates who are capable of becoming reliable professionals, leaders and agents of change in society (i.e. qualified to work as planners for local and regional councils, government departments, planning consultancies, development companies, and non-government organizations) who have the capability to be responsive and adaptive to the challenges met.

The objectives of the Undergraduate Programme in UPURP are to enable the student to have:

  1. The ability to become spatial planner and development manager of cities and regions.
  2. The capability of producing alternative solutions innovatively and creatively in problem solving.
  3. The ability to pursue and succeed in postgraduate study.
  4. The ability to lead in a working group and show initiative in the planning profession and other professional activities.

The required level of qualification for bachelor programs as set by the Government of Indonesia is the 6th level of the National Qualification Framework and such must fulfill the prerequisites and requirements necessary.