The 5th Environmental Technology and Management Conference (ETMC)

For the fifth time, ITB held the Environmental Technology and Management Conference (ETMC) on Monday-Tuesday (23-24/11/15) at the Sasana Budaya Ganesha Building (Sabuga). This international conference is organized by the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Slightly different from previous years which were directly held by the Environmental Engineering Study Program with the form of the event being still a seminar. This year, the concept is being finalized into an international conference where participants can present their research related to technology and environmental management.

The theme of ETMC 2015 is “Green Technology towards Sustainable Environment”. There were six research themes raised at this conference, namely Air Quality & Climate Change, Green Cities & Infrastructures, Eco-Industries, Appropriate & Advanced Environmental Technology, Natural Resource Management, and Environmental Health and Risk Assessment. ETMC is open to policy makers, scientists, engineers, academics, consultants, contractors, business people, politicians, non-governmental organization activists, students, and the general public.

The keynote speakers invited to the 2015 ETMC were :

  • Mochamad Basoeki Hadimoeljono, M.Sc., Ph.D. (Minister of Public Works and Public Housing of Indonesia),
  • Dr. A.J.M. Smits (Director of Institute for Science, Innovation & Society, Radboud University Nijmegen)
  • Albert Simanjuntak (Chevron Pacific Indonesia),
  • Ir. Edwan Kardena (ITB Environmental Engineering Lecturer).

There were 140 presenters who shared their research on the issues previously described. They come from various countries, including the United States, Australia, Norway, Japan and Malaysia. Of course, many Indonesian researchers, including the ITB academic community, took advantage of this moment to share their findings with all conference participants.



The 6th Environmental Technology and Management Conference (ETMC 2019)

Technological advancement has brought astonishing improvement in human well-being, such as water and sanitation, medical development, food production, goods manufacture, communication, education, and others. However, this progress have generated detrimental side effects on the environment through agricultural practices, livestock production, industrial activities, mining, transport, and other activities. This will, in turn, affect human health and wellbeing, ultimately through the degradation of the ecosystem, the depletion of natural resource and environmental pollution. Moreover, there is a growing vulnerability of natural disasters, flooding, drought, and other man-made environmental problems. The ultimate sustainability challenges are, first, to reduce pressure from the society over time due to our growing demand for resources and ecosystem services while racing with the declining capacity of the earth to provide those; and secondly, to build a more resilient ecosystem and community to natural hazards and environmental problems.

The 6th Environmental Technology and Management Conference (ETMC 2019) was held on 5-7 November 2019, at Prime Plaza Hotel, Sanur – Bali, Indonesia. The theme was “Towards a Smart and Green Innovations for a Safe, Resilient, and Sustainable Environment”. This activity was attended by more than 180 participants from Indonesia, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Myanmar, and Cambodia. Parallel session topics were divided into 7 (seven) topics namely Green Cities, Eco-Industries, and Sustainable Infrastructure, Water Resource Conservation, Waste to Energy and Resources, D. Climate Change and Global Warming, Healthy and Safe Communities, Environment Restoration and Rehabilitation, and Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation

The keynote speaker for ETMC 2019 were:

  • Yasushi Kiyoki – Keio University,
  • S Vigneswaran – UT Sydney,
  • Novrizal Tahar – Director of Waste Management (Ministry of Environment and Forestry),
  • Ir. Danis Hidayat Sumadilaga, Meng.Sc, –
  • Director General of Cipta Karya (Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing),
  • Bambang Gatot Ariyono, M.M. – Director General of Mineral and Coal (Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources).

International Scientific Committee:

  • Daisuke Sano (Tohoku University, Japan)
  • Toshifumi Igarashi (Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan)
  • Prof. Tomoyuki Shibata (Northern Illinois, USA)
  • Judy Libra, PhD (Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy, Germany)



ETMC 2019 Proceedings have been published at the E3S Web Conference.