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Student Outcomes

  1. Able to show professional attitude and ethics in working, both individually and in a team
  2. Able to convey concepts and works, both verbally and visually
  3. Able to understand the history, concept, and basic principal of both traditional and contemporary crafts
  4. Able to apply creative skills and aesthetic sensitivity in creating craft works
  5. Able to show skillfull use of tools and specific material processing in producing craft works
  6. Knowledge of recent technology development that is relevant to the craft field
  7. Demonstrates innovative thinking and creative actions in the process of designing craft works
  8. Able to develop local culture potential within the context of crafts
  9. Knowledge of entrepreneurship concepts and practices
  10. Able to understand sustainability within the context of crafts
  11. Able to apply the knowledge of crafts to other relevant fields in the context of interdiscipline
  12. Able of increasing level of knowledge and pursuing further education