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Dear our guests,

Welcome to Building Technology Research Division, SAPPK – ITB. This Research Division consists of six areas of study namely:

  1. Building System
  2. Building Performance
  3. Architectural Project and Construction Management
  4. Building and Environment Control
  5. Architectural Disaster Mitigation
  6. Architectural Computation and Modelling.

The six areas of study is an outgrowth of the three main study areas, namely: the structure of the building, construction management and building science, which became the embryo of a variety of professional activities and current research. At that time it was recognized that the academic / educational architecture can not grows without professional activities as a practice field / applied technology in architecture.

The current rapid development of knowledge of building technology has been driven by several factors such as environmental degradation, scarcity of energy and natural resources and also by the progress of management science and computing. However, we still maintain the ‘color’ of professionals in our scientific activities .

We are also committed to continually develop ourselves, to respond to various changes and progress of the outside world, through the development of research roadmaps that responds to global and local issues. The development is done through a research collaboration between areas of study to obtain the best solution for the building technologies.

Therefore, we open for any cooperation with various parties related with our research group. We offer the green technology that developed through our ‘green way’ to solve various problems, related to the carrying capacity of the environment, energy, human welfare and socio-economic development.

Please contact us through our mail address.

Greetings, Green Way
Yours truly,

Prof.Dr.Ir. Sugeng Triyadi S.MT
Head of Building Technology Research Division, SAPPK ITB

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