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Budi Faisal (1967)

Graduated from Department of Architecture ITB in 1990. He got a Fullbright scholarship to pursue his Master degree in Urban Design (1996) and Landscape Architecture (1997) from The University of Colorado, USA. Budi Faisal finished his PhD in Urban Planning at the University of Melbourne, Australia. From 2004 until 2009, he served the Central Government of Indonesia at the Ministry of Public House as an Official Expert. In May 2008, Budi Faisal invited to run a Bamboo Workshop for Architecture and Landscape Architecture student in Erfurt, Germany. In June 2009, He was invited by The University Sains Malaysia in Penang to give a Public Lecture about Sustainable Cities in Asia. In July 2010, Budi Faisal gave a lecture for Doctoral Seminar in FHE Erfurt titled ‘The Art of Bamboo in Modern Architecture. Till recently Budi Faisal is developing his research in Ecological Planning and Design, Urban Ecology as well as Bamboo as a sustainable material for Building.

Email: budifsl@yahoo.com